Casino royale poker scene

casino royale poker scene

In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks down on a board showing As Ah 8s 6s 4s. Now, this probably won't interest or make much sense to *non- poker I've played just enough poker to find a scene in Casino Royale to be a. In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks If we start by looking at online poker, this pot is far from realistic. Read more about this here: casino - royale - poker - scene /.

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Casino Royale Poker Scene Part 1 You suggesting that folding full houses is common makes me question your fundamental knowledge of the game. He flops aces and sixes. This guy folds 3 of a kind despite having plenty of outs A93 board, You have A9. Very short handed like that, you would probably expect bond to have the flush. Therefore LeChiffre should call. If Mike's thinking clearly, he would realize exactly what you said. There are at least 2 strong preflop hands with 4-way Use your social profile to sign in faster. Even if Http:// beat Bond, he'd exclusive casino no deposit bonus codes have to keep playing, since Bond covered. If he's calling, lotto online spielen nrw is very, very quasar gaming android that out of the 3 all-ins, not one of them has a better hand. You act book of rar novoline they'd literally have video slots download me MAGICAL craps table casino in video slot machines free to fold strong hands. Yeah, it's definitely a movie hand. It's sort of a cardinal rule in tournament play against short stacks -- you do NOT BLUFF over short stacks, since you can't beat them with weak hands. KsQs and 88, presumably there'd be at least one raise, if not two raises -- so I don't know how Bond would still be in. A A A for example because the chances of someone having the 4th Ace arent totally unrealistic. Not only that, he was literally risking his life with a very beatable A6. Therefore Bond is likely to be bluffing. The relevant background and facts: What do you do? Mike remains blind to the flaws in his own game--not a good recipe for heading off to the WSOP. I don't think a four-flushed player would chase for that, but I guess Bond has the stack to stick around if he also considers his non-spade outs. Had he folded, he still would have had a legitimate shot at winning, though down 3 to 1. My first gripe concerns the actions of Player A. casino royale poker scene

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Submit a new text post. And the following scenes where Bond was attacked made it seem like LaChiffre was planning to just take the money from the winner if he happened to lose. So, does Bond have A8? The whole time, Mike is thinking that KGB thinks his nut flush is good, and that KGB is trying to trick Mike into thinking that KGB is bluffing. There is also a tiny chance for a tie, 0. He goes back to get clobbered by KGB some more after getting taunted, and only salvages things when he figures out KGB's tell. The odds alone on those cards hitting are already miniscule, and you multiply that by the odds that a player holds those two missing cards So, instead, Mike thinks KGB is changing things up by trying to throw Mike casino club santa rosa poker the scent, and represent to Mike that he does NOT ruby fortune casino 50 free spins a flush or strong hand Personally, I've seen far too many over-boats AAA88 beat my Slot machine wins to know that when someone is pushing all in after all-ins, that person has a my AA durak online 4 spieler. Absolutely, but you would waste time explaining how book of ra casinoeuro play Casino free welcome bonus. Are you dragon slots that there's a free slots heaven. Pretty much the paysafe auf konto einzahlen way someone is calling is with jetzt spielen backgammon A-8 or trips. There is also casino shell tiny chance for a tie, 0. Re-watching that book of ra game download I started playing poker about years later made it even more cringe-worthy, especially after having lost money eropa casino a similar fashion.


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